Naked Bee

Polymath was happy to help Landor turn their vision into reality. Working side by side with their creative team, we took their designs and ran with it. Gold foil on matte paper never looked so good! Congrats to Landor for winning Gold, thanks for the opportunity to help.

“We turned an ingredient story into an origin story with an unexpected angle—one that honors and elevates the role of the honeybee instead of the honey itself, making this new-to-world product feel all-the-more exceptional. We targeted millennial females around the globe who crave new experiences in the world of wine that are credible and shareable. Textures, colors and patterns pay tribute to the natural physiology of the bee in lush and lingering ways. A provocative name speaks to purity in hushed and honeyed tones. Packaging beckons at shelf with the promise of an experience worth treasuring.”

Demo Reel 2021

BLINK Cincinnati

Owltown Vodka