Olay is to skincare as Google is to search engines: everyone knows it, and everyone’s used it. Its name is synonymous with its product. So how does a brand like that increase its sales?


In the digital age (we promise that’s the last time we’ll say “digital age”), companies like Olay understand that more consumers are buying their skincare products online. And you can’t sell a skincare product online unless the packaging absolutely gleams with promise.


Olay’s design agency trusted Polymath to create that kind of art. We built our 3D renders of Olay product packaging specifically for ecommerce sites like Amazon and Target. Each image is high-quality, impeccably detailed, and most importantly, consistent across the board. That is, whenever a new product drops, we edit the renders instead of scheduling an expensive photoshoot. It keeps the brand’s look and feel consistent, and saves plenty of time and money. That’s a win for everyone. Especially our skin!

Demo Reel 2021

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